Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Care of New Born Lamb

When the newborn lamb arrives remove the mucus from its nose. You can also gently smack its back.You must ensure that the lamb is breathing immediately after birth.Gently pressing its ribcage can start the breathing.You can also tickle its nose with some straw.If the lamb is still not breathing you can hold the lamb from its hind legs and swing him from side to side. Rubbing the lamb also helps.
When you are sure the lamb is breathing encourage the ewe to lick and bond with the lamb.
Spray the lambs navel with iodine as soon as possible to ward off infection.
Unplug the ewes teat by giving it a tug. Check also that she has milk.
It is vital that the lamb gets it first suck of colostrum from the ewe.

If the lamb is weak and not able to suck you must milk the ewe and tube feed the lamb.Use the tube and syringe.Ensure that you put the tube into the lambs stomach not its lungs. If you are nervous and not sure if you have put the tube in correctly, put the tube in a glass of water if you see air bubbles then you have put it in the lungs.
When the lamb is showing signs of improvement put him sucking on the mother. If you are still anxious you can put the lamb after it has been given the colostrum under the heat lamp to warm up.

When the lamb is happily sucking keep mother and lamb in a pen together.

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