Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Navel Dip /Spray/Iodine for Lambs

The naval of the newborn lamb is an entry point for infectious diseases. To avoid infections naval stumps should be disinfected directly after birth. Spray or dip the navels with antiseptic solution. Most farmers today use iodine spray found in farm supply shops.

When you want to apply the naval spray hold the lamb up by its two front legs and give a generous spray. The naval spray will dry and shrivel up the naval. If the navel after a few hours has not shriveled up reapply the navel spray/dip

Clip the naval cord /umbilical cord if it is very long, some lambs are born with very long naval. If the naval is too long the lamb or sheep could step on it causing severe bleeding
Navel's longer than 2 inches should be clipped closer to the body.


If the naval is not treated it can cause infections in the brain, liver, joints, spinal cord or elsewhere which can lead to death in the lamb.
Nave ill and joint ill are two common infections lambs get from not treating their navels well.
This occurs on lambs up to one month old. The infected lamb may be lame in several joints. The affected joints will be hot and painful.The lamb will be dull and feverish. There may also be a swollen infected navel. The lamb may show symptoms of pneumonia. The most effective treatment is long acting penicillin.

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